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Community group helps local find jobs around area

Park Avenue Properties - Thursday, April 10, 2014


An effort is aimed at putting people back to work in the Lake Norman region gaining momentum. Full Story here on   
Helping Others to Help Themselves uses an online clearinghouse to pair job seekers in the Lake Norman area with employers the same area.  There are also job fairs, networking events and skills workshops just for those in cities that border Lake Norman.
Maryanne Misner is one of the newest members of the team at Park Avenue Properties in Cornelius.  She found the job through HOHT.
"I’m familiar with the neighborhood, I’m familiar with the business. The commute is easy and I feel that there some sort of rapport with living and working in the same neighborhood or community," Misner said.
HOHT co-founder Joe Carbon said he started the program after realizing how valuable networking was to finding local jobs.
"We just want to keep Lake Normaners working, and we'd like to keep them working in Lake Norman. It benefits everybody," Carbon said.
John Bradford owns Park Avenue Properties.  So far he's hired two employees through HOHT with plans to hire more because, he said, they're highly qualified.
"It really makes a lot of sense to look local versus trying to find people who have to relocate in from an Atlanta or a Jacksonville, Fla.," Bradford said.
Colleen McGlynn is a project coordinator at Park Avenue Properties.  She said using HOHT was different than Craig’s List or
"I feel like it’s so much more personalized and that you have a chance. You’re not just out there in the website world and nobody sees your resume," McGlynn said.
HOHT has seen modest success over the last four years. About 20 people have gotten jobs, but organizers say 15 of those were found just in the last year.  They said as the word grows so will their success numbers.
To find out more information about the HOHT program, click here.

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